Work Samples

Global Business Experience (2013)

In January of 2013, per requirements of the Global Business Experience at Bentley University, I worked on a research project on Foreign Direct Investment for a North American based company into Turkey. More specifically, I looked at Smart Technologies, Inc., and explored whether investing in the Turkish market makes sense by looking at the business culture of Smart Technologies and Istanbul, and by conducting a thorough political risk analysis. The project culminated in a ten-day trip to Istanbul where I met with Turkish business executives to develop more insight to inform my proposed foreign direct investment decision.  You may view my research report in its entirety by clicking here.

Economic Environment of the Firm (Fall 2012)

The following research report contains a broad overview of the key economic indicators of Turkey. In the paper, my project team evaluates Turkey’s economy by examining factors such as inflation, GDP growth, the country’s deficit and debt situation, and their currency exchange rates and key interest rates. In addition, we looked at Turkey’s recent financial crises in 2001 and 2008, and consider its effect on Turkey’s economy today.

Economics – Turkey Report

Capstone: Promoting Entrepreneurship at Wentworth (Summer 2012) 

This report outlines a project undertaken by the Capstone Project Team of Aaron Goldblatt and Michael Harris. The topics to be contained herein include fostering an entrepreneurial culture at Wentworth, both in academic and extracurricular activities. In addition, this report also examines trends in interdisciplinary education, and how Wentworth can learn from those trends as they seek to better prepare graduates for the rigors of the workforce.

Capstone Report

Human Resource Management (Summer 2011)

The following research paper provides an in depth analysis of strategic human resource management, a global perspective of human resources, and a cross functional view of strategic human resource management.

Strategic Human Resource Management Research Paper

Technology Assessment and Acquisition (Fall 2010)

The following research paper outlines a technology acquisition project in which our team members assessed a business need for a local non-profit organization, and developed the appropriate methodology to research and evaluate potential vendors’ capabilities to meet the business need. As the project leader, I ensured that our project team remained on schedule, coordinated meetings with the non-profit, and created and assigned unique responsibilities for the entire project team.

Technology Acquisition: Web Analytics Research Paper

Micro Economics (Fall 2009)

The following research paper provides an in depth analysis of the effect of the minimum wage increase on the retail market.

Retail and Minimum Wage Research Paper

Research Methods in Business (Fall 2009)

The following research paper provides an in depth analysis of the factors influencing students to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Why Wentworth? Research Paper

Business Communications

The following document is a business proposal that was created to draw awareness to a potential business need at Wentworth and provides a viable solution. In an effort to effectively bring forth the proposal, we used figures, tables, and graphs, as well as a quote from a Wentworth faculty member.

Business Proposal

Management Information Systems (Fall 2009)

The following research paper provides an in depth analysis of the technology department at Simmons College. In them, our group examines the software and hardware use by the college, as well as information regaring their network, printing, data managing, and technology distribution.

MIS at Simmons College Research Paper